The Boy at The Pool in Fiji

Hi my name is  Ariana. I am going to tell you a story. The story took place in Fiji. I went to Fiji with my family. We visited my grandparents. The sky was blue. Nadi was beautiful. The sun looking at us every day like a hot  pancake


Every morning we jumped into the pool. It was sparkling, cool and refreshing.One morning my sister and I went to the pool alone. on 

Our way to the pool Andriana and Ariana can you hear someone crying?”yes” I said. We looked around and saw a little boy sitting  behind a big tree. He was crying. He looked cold and frightened. His head  was down.”What is 

The matter?” we asked? I  put my big red towel around him. 


He was saying”, skippy”, “who is skippy we asked. My little”, yes and he  cried louder. He  showed us with his eyes 

the way the puppy ran.

Andriana told me to look on one side and she looked  on the other side. Then we heard, “yup! Yup! Yup!” . It was the puppy. We found  the puppy. He was  stuck  under a table.   


We looked for an adult. Then a big boy walked and saw us. He helped the puppy. He picked the puppy up. We took the puppy. The boy 

He jumped up. He  grabbed the puppy. He kissed the puppy. The boy was not crying, we were so happy. We all jumped into the

sparking pool.


  A lemon is round,small and yellow. I squeeze the  lemon and bright white, shiny juicy watery drops all  over my hands. I lick my wet finger and it tastes sour,  bitter and tangy. The lemon smells like fresh flowers in  the garden.                   

By Ariana

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